Recycling Tips from the Material Recovery Facility

25 Jul

MRF2 Few things, once they are used, are actually waste material. Among such things are latex gloves, non-recyclable plastics, snack packaging and other complex materials that were not designed to be recycled. Jeremy Simmons, San Benito County’s Recycling & Resource Recovery Coordinator shares some first-hand tips for what can be recycled:

Plastic bags and film should be placed in a clear plastic bag. Loose bags can end up as contaminants in paper bales or jammed in the conveyer belt. The Material Recovery Facility has to shut down the conveyer system for a half hour twice a day just to cut out jammed bags and wire hangers.

Shredded paper is recyclable, but it must be placed in clear plastic bags to keep it from falling through the conveyor and ending up in the landfill.

Update: There is now a location to bring your clean polystyrene foam in Santa Cruz County! You can drop off at Grey Bears located at 2710 Chanticleer Ave in Santa Cruz. For more information on polystyrene foam recycling or drop off locations, please call Fatima Ochoa at 831.796.2256 .