Local Company Highlights Benefits of Getting Certified

26 Feb
We recently sat down with Leslie Capozzi from Totlcom, a telecommunications equipment supplier based in Watsonville. Totlcom is one of the largest IT companies serving Central and Northern California and have been in business for over 40 years. Here’s what Leslie shared about recently getting her company certified:
I practiced green business principles way before we got our business Totlcom certified. While I’ve always been very conscious of what I consume and dispose, the importance of water conservation was brought home to me recently as part of a homeowners’ association in Silicon Valley. Our water bills were astronomical due to continuous irrigation of lawn and a pond that drained right to the water table. We turned off the water, received a water district rebate to replace the lawn with drought tolerant plants, and cut our water bill in half. When I moved to Aptos last year, I looked for other people who cared about our planet and became involved in the Green Business Program. I met really nice people and worked to recruit new businesses to the program – and then I decide we better certify Totlcom as a green business too!
Becoming green certified was a simple process. It turned out that our company was already pretty green, and other than upgrading a toilet and some lights there was not too much that we had to do. We found that it was more about educating people and changing and tweaking habits and mindsets, like turning of a light switch, reporting a leaky faucet, providing an extra recycling can, or buying green products that are not abusive to air, water or employees.
When a company goes green it shows its employee that the company cares about them. No one wants to work in a dirty, polluted environment that could elevate the potential for health issues, depression and fatigue. The other thing I noticed was that after going green, people start thinking more about their own health and what they put in their bodies.

The Green Business Program also creates a community. With the Green Business phone app, Shop Green, and online Directory, you can choose to shop at other like-minded environmentally friendly businesses. And yes, most are locally-owned, family-run businesses, not large corporations.

My advice is to sign up now. You’ll be amazed at the transformation you’ll see in your employees and yourself. We only have one Earth and we need to take care of it.