Green Business Innovation Across the State

3 Apr

If you appreciate ceramics, you’re likely already a fan of the Sausalito, California-based company, Heath Ceramics. From their early founding in 1948 by a husband and wife duo, Edith and Brian Heath, the company was all about innovation. Their early approach to kiln firings, saved energy and branded them as trail blazers in the industry. The company transitioned to another husband and wife duo in 2003, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, who saw the potential for a holistic business model but have stuck to the original ethos of making good things for good people. Flash forward to 2018, and Heath has continued to innovate in the way their company relates to the environment.

Heath is on a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill journey and their recent California Green Business certification felt like the natural next step for them. The certification process allowed them to recognize the environmental efforts they already had in place and also helped them identify where they needed to make improvements. They are now investigating the use of solar power and also plan to improve their greywater processing system to use even more of their manufacturing waste in new products.

Some green practices they are most proud of include the fact that they reuse and recycle significant amounts of their manufacturing waste already. They also use a packaging material made of post-consumer waste material (no need for Styrofoam or plastic!). They have also shifted to 100% renewable energy and at the same time invested in their processing equipment and methods to reduce the amount of energy they use.

We recently chatted with Heath about all things Green Business and they had some great advice to pass on to other business owners who are interested in getting certified:

 The Green Business certification has created a framework for us channel our efforts towards the delivery of our green goals. While we do expect to see financial and other benefits, our main driver is to be an even more environmentally responsible business. The certification process and fantastic support received from the Green Business team has certainly generated good publicity and is hopefully highlighting to our customers, and other businesses alike, the approach that we’re taking towards these important issues at Heath.”

Going through the Green Business certification process for their San Francisco facility is a milestone in a long-term vision to keep innovating and making strides towards business practices that benefit their customer base and the environment. Find them online here or visit one of their stores today and make sure to thank them for joining the Green Business program!