Gino’s Carco Santa Cruz: A Recruitment Champion!

8 Mar

If you’ve come to any Green Business events over the last 10+ years, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting Gino who owns Gino’s Carco Santa Cruz. Gino has a contagious smile and it’s hard not to feel inspired by his passion for the Green Business Program. On Earth Day 2004 at the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program kick-off ceremony, Gino’s was honored to be the only business of its kind (local and statewide) to receive the first Certified Green Business Award. Since then, he’s been lighting the way for other local businesses to join the program by offering support and encouragement. Just in the last couple of months, Gino has single-handedly helped recruit 5 new businesses to the program! We recently got to talk with Gino about his motivation to join the program initially and what he would recommend to other business owners inspired to help recruit others to join the program.

What first motivated you to become certified?

In 2003 we welcomed being recognized and approached by the newly formed Monterey Bay Area Certified Green Business Program for our existing Sustainable Green Business Initiatives our Environmental Signs of Care and Track Record.  It was evident the Program’s intent and approach was to elevate environmental awareness and to advance our efforts to further reduce our carbon footprint for us that was and still is a perfect partnership.

How have you been helping out recently to get other businesses certified? 

Shortly after becoming Certified we soon recognized the benefits and importance of the Program and have been encouraging businesses to join ever since.  Now as a member of the Green Business Resource Development Committee I have been actively engaging with businesses owners and managers breaking down the barrier, allay their trepidation and explain the Program is incentive based and not regulatory in a one-on-one conversation in person, by telephone, email and from time to time at their request a site visit in an advisory capacity to offer suggestions to help pave the way towards Certification.

What would you say to encourage another certified business owner to help recruit new businesses to the program?

Simply start the conversation whether it be in person, by phone or email and recognize and compliment the potential Green Business signs of care however small and explain why you think they would be the right fit for the Program.  Highlight the Program Benefits for example, the Program is Free to join, they will be recognized as a Green Business Leader, they will receive recognition by the County Board of Supervisors and or City Council. They will also conserve water and energy, reduce waste and pollution, it will improve employee morale and productivity, their business will have free promotion on the Green Business website and social media, they will also have a marketing edge over the competition, they will participate in a vibrant green global economy which is helping to make our environment safe and healthier for our families and our local community the place we enjoy and call home. In addition to all the Program Benefits they receive including strengthening the bottom line they will genuinely feel part of something bigger by joining the Green Business Community which is Good for their Business and Great for the Environment.

Additional thoughts on the program and its benefits

On Earth Day 2004 at the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program kick-off ceremony we were honored to be the only Business of its kind Local and Statewide to receive the First Certified Green Business Award, Recognition from the California State Assembly and California State Senate in honor of receiving Ecology Action’s 2004 Green Business Award at the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chambers.

Sustainability is the very foundation and the core principal of our Recycling Business.  We believe our business longevity and being a Certified Green Business has set us apart and given us a unique platform and a successful marketing edge in our Industry.  As a Pioneer Recycler and Environmental Advocates we value the importance of being a Certified Green Business and the positive feedback from our loyal customers confirms they prefer to shop at a Certified Green Business.  Together with our green conscientious customers we are participating in the circular green economy that is saving the environment one recycled auto part at a time.