Discretion Brewing Leading the Charge

24 May

For the owners of Discretion Brewing in Santa Cruz, becoming a certified Green Business was a “no brainer”. We recently got to have a behind the scenes tour of one of the more popular local breweries in Santa Cruz and talked with co-owner Dustin Vereker. As Dustin noted, “We are extremely proud to be one of the first certified green breweries in California. We’ve worked hard and invested in sustainability programs and it feels great to have those efforts validated through the Green Business program!”

Breweries and tap rooms are one of the fastest growing sectors in California with 13+ in Santa Cruz County alone. Standing out in this type of competitive market is key and Dustin notes that one of the many benefits of getting certified was that it provided a clear, easy way to market themselves as sustainable in a community that generally values that commitment. As Dustin noted, “Customers seem to appreciate the 3rd party validation the green business program offers. Lots of folks claim sustainability, but it’s a difficult thing to verify and measure from the consumer standpoint. Being a certified green business gives more credence to our sustainability claims.”

Additional benefits also included a decrease in their water usage, an increase in the amount of waste diverted from the landfill and an increase in energy efficiency through the integration of solar and more efficient lighting fixtures.

We asked Dustin to share his thoughts with us on what he’d say to any local business owners that are considering getting certified, “It’s a great program and the cost of certification is $0. If you are already a green minded business, you are likely 90% of the way there already. The other 10% with produce nearly instant ROI and you’ll be doing your part to ensure people will be able to enjoy this beautiful planet for generations to come.”

We are proud to have one of the first certified Green Business breweries in the state (and nation) right here in Santa Cruz County. We are even more proud to know local business owners like Dustin who are not only committed to sustainable practices but are also excited to share the benefits they’ve achieved through their green business practices in hopes of encouraging other business owners to participate.

Check out some of the magic captured at our tour of Discretion Brewing thanks to Dock Film.