CoolClimate Business Calculator

12 Apr

When is the last time you calculated your business’s carbon footprint?

The first step to reducing your impact on the environment is fully understanding it. That’s where UC Berkeley’s CoolClimate Program comes into play. “CoolClimate tools quickly identify the unique opportunities each individual, business, organization or community holds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Cool Climate Calculator
Cool Climate Calculator

The CoolClimate Business Calculator takes into account the size of your business/organization, employee commutes, company fleets (if applicable), utility use, travel, and more! Depending on your jurisdiction a completed carbon footprint is required for businesses over a certain size (e.g., in Santa Cruz, it’s required for businesses with over 30 employees).

Try it out today! Share your results with your Green Team and local Green Business Coordinator for tips on reducing your footprint.

CoolClimate Business Calculator: