Composting to Expand in Santa Cruz County

25 Jul

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Residents and businesses in Santa Cruz County are vivid recyclers, routinely recycling more than 70% of all the waste material collected in the County. Of the remaining waste, up to 40% is organic material, and the County is taking a number of steps to go after that, too. Under state law AB1826 businesses and schools are mandated to separate food waste.

The County has been working with local waste haulers to identify schools and businesses likely to be affected by this new requirement. If you have received a notification that you need to sign up for this service, or if you think you might fall under the new law, please call your waste hauler for more information about collection programs available to your business. There is a charge for the new organics collection service, but keep in mind that many businesses will be able to reduce their trash service to help offset this cost. If your waste hauler does not offer organics diversion, Green Waste recovery is offering this as a stand-alone service. Please contact Green Waste Recovery at 831.426.2711

While yard waste and food waste collected in Santa Cruz County are processed locally, there is no composting facility in the County permitted to accept food waste. The County is working with the local cities to develop a new composting facility. A number of regulatory agencies must approve such facilities, so the planning and permitting take time. The County hopes to have a local compost operation up and running by 2018.

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