Community Leaders and the First Green Certified Bike Shop in Santa Cruz County

25 Oct


Like many of our Green Businesses, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport owners were motivated to become Certified because of their involvement in their community. They are currently the only certified bike shop in all of Santa Cruz County. When I asked owners Andrew and Brittany Cavaletto why they wanted to green their operations, they linked it back to their lifestyle.

“We are already in a business where we try to ride a bike as much as we can, saving gas, preventing pollution, all that. We wanted to translate that into more efficiencies in our every day life, and the Green Business Program helped us do it.”

I sat down to interview these two cool young bike enthusiasts to drill down into the vibe of their shop, and the changes they made to be certified. Below is the transcript from the interview.

Q: What is the most fun part about being a community bike store?
A: Watching people get into cycling and then seeing them get really stoked on it. Seeing them go from just starting out and then having it completely change their lifestyle is really rewarding. People come into the shop a little timid at first and each time they come back they’re more stoked and more confident. That’s the best reward for us.

Q: What was the hardest thing you had to do to be certified?
A: Filling out the online application was tricky, but a little tip for other businesses: if you leave the application pending, the people who run the Green Business Program come to you and help you!

Q: What was the easiest thing you had to do to be certified?
A: We’re in a newer building so all the lighting and plumbing stuff was already dialed so that was good, but we did have to make a conscious effort to be lest wasteful.

Q: In your opinion, how could the bike industry be more sustainable?
A: If our local cities embraced biking more, making it easier to get around town, making the current routes less challenging, we’d have a lot more people out of their cars and getting around by bike. Adding more areas to ride, making sure new developments are built surrounding bike and pedestrian infrastructure is really important right now.

Q: What is the coolest thing you guys sell?
A: A lifestyle! No, but if you pin us down to a product, then maybe electric bikes. They’re pretty cool. We have customers that switched from driving a car everywhere because their commute was 10-20 miles and now they are ONLY riding their bikes.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you guys sell?
A: Butt butter (aka chamois cream).

Q: What else do you guys do besides help people with their biking lifestyle and greening your business?
A: We’ve been lucky enough to support several winning bike teams. We coach the high school cross-country mountain bike team and the kids won the California State championships last year. We’re also involved in a middle school club team. We have a road team, a cyclo cross team and a California Enduro team. We just won the California Enduro state champs. It’s pretty cool to have a great group of committed athletes.


Written by: Jo Fleming with the California Green Business Program