Breweries Now Able To Get Certified

9 Apr

Green Business Coordinators from across the state toured Seismic Brewing Co.

Small-to-medium-sized breweries are opening at an astounding rate. These breweries provide a valuable service to their local communities (is there a more noble pursuit than making people happy?) and serve as centers of community engagement. Breweries also tend to have a significant environmental impact due to their solid waste production, water needs, and energy use.

To address the sustainability opportunities for this growing industry, Green Business Coordinators from the City of Ventura and the City of Santa Cruz teamed up with breweries, brewery sustainability experts, and representatives from water, waste, and energy utilities to create a brewery-specific checklist that allows breweries to become Certified Green Businesses. This work relied heavily on existing sustainability best practices guide from the Brewers Association.

Two breweries have now been certified as Green Businesses: Leashless Brewing in Ventura, and Discretion Brewing in Santa Cruz, with more in the pipeline. Last month Green Business Program coordinators from across the state toured a brewery that is in the middle of the certification process, Seismic Brewing Co., and were able to see first-hand the efficiency and innovation possible at a mid-sized brewery. Heat capture, water reuse, wastewater treatment, and feeding spent grains to local livestock were just a few of the measures Seismic has implemented. Many of these measures are a win-win, cutting the cost and environmental impact of the brewing process. Tell your favorite local brewery to pursue a Green Business Certification, and support your local Green Businesses!