No Better Way to Celebrate Earth Day Than to #shopgreen!

18 Apr

Did you know that we have a Shop Green app?! Make finding a certified green businesses as easy as 1-2-3! Search and support thousands of innovative businesses throughout California, from auto shops to restaurants, that work hard to ensure their business practices are more sustainable. Vote with your wallet and support businesses that care about the planet and your community! Search your app store for “California Green Business Program” and look for the logo.

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Growing Green Business in San Benito County

7 Sep

San Benito County is famous for fertile farmland, and now Green Business will be growing here too! Thanks in part to State funding, San Benito County’s Integrated Waste Management Regional Agency has revitalized the San Benito Green Business Program which includes the Cities of Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and unincorporated San Benito County.

The recently re-launched program is quickly gaining momentum with several local leaders already engaging in the certification process including Credo Studio and Jardines de San Juan in San Juan Bautista, and the San Benito County Arts Council, San Benito Chamber of Commerce, Jayleaf & Suprema and Fisher’s in Hollister.

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Help Grow the Green Business Program

4 Jun

We are looking for a team of volunteers and interns to help grow the Monterey Bay Green Business Program. Are you looking for a summer internship or just looking to volunteer your time for a good cause? Sign-up here for more info!

Our Green Business Volunteer Program Assistants will primarily be responsible for reaching out to small and medium sized businesses to explain the green business program, encourage them to enroll, and help them fill out their application to get Green Business certified.

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New Checklist Reduces Food Waste

4 Jun

If “food waste” was a country, it would rank third behind China and the United States in greenhouse gas production!  That surprising statistic from the EPA led the California Green Business Network to develop its newest Food Manufacturer checklist.  CAGBN worked on the project for the past year, receiving input from three food manufacturers workshops in Fresno, Los Angeles, and Stockton.  Watsonville’s H A Rider & Sons also gave valuable feedback, and will be one of the first businesses to use the checklist. 

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Discretion Brewing Leading the Charge

24 May

For the owners of Discretion Brewing in Santa Cruz, becoming a certified Green Business was a “no brainer”. We recently got to have a behind the scenes tour of one of the more popular local breweries in Santa Cruz and talked with co-owner Dustin Vereker. As Dustin noted, “We are extremely proud to be one of the first certified green breweries in California. We’ve worked hard and invested in sustainability programs and it feels great to have those efforts validated through the Green Business program!”

Breweries and tap rooms are one of the fastest growing sectors in California with 13+ in Santa Cruz County alone.

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Stronger Food Packaging Ordinances & Friendly Tips

22 May

Packaging contributes to the overall environmental impacts of the food and beverage industry. Many local government agencies, and nonprofit organizations began to take notice in the 1990s as more and more to-go food packaging, foam cups and straws were collected during beach clean ups.  The concern over the negative impacts of polystyrene foam and other plastic products entering waterways and the ocean motivated local governments into action with environmentally acceptable food packaging ordinances between 2007 and 2012. 

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Breweries Now Able To Get Certified

9 Apr

Green Business Coordinators from across the state toured Seismic Brewing Co.

Small-to-medium-sized breweries are opening at an astounding rate. These breweries provide a valuable service to their local communities (is there a more noble pursuit than making people happy?) and serve as centers of community engagement. Breweries also tend to have a significant environmental impact due to their solid waste production, water needs, and energy use.

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Green Business Innovation Across the State

3 Apr

If you appreciate ceramics, you’re likely already a fan of the Sausalito, California-based company, Heath Ceramics. From their early founding in 1948 by a husband and wife duo, Edith and Brian Heath, the company was all about innovation. Their early approach to kiln firings, saved energy and branded them as trail blazers in the industry. The company transitioned to another husband and wife duo in 2003, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, who saw the potential for a holistic business model but have stuck to the original ethos of making good things for good people.

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Gino’s Carco Santa Cruz: A Recruitment Champion!

8 Mar

If you’ve come to any Green Business events over the last 10+ years, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting Gino who owns Gino’s Carco Santa Cruz. Gino has a contagious smile and it’s hard not to feel inspired by his passion for the Green Business Program. On Earth Day 2004 at the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program kick-off ceremony, Gino’s was honored to be the only business of its kind (local and statewide) to receive the first Certified Green Business Award.

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A Newly Certified Business Shares Thoughts on the Process & Motivation

26 Feb

We are excited to welcome Revolution Gym & Wellness to the Green Business Program! Revolution Gym & Wellness is a new neighborhood gym and wellness club in Watsonville. When Founder Logan Frahm, D.C. decided to bring his skills as a Chiropractic Doctor into a health club environment, he envisioned a high-energy, inspiring alternative to the  warehouse-style gyms across town. We chatted with Logan about his motivation to become certified and his experience having just gone through the process.

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