A Newly Certified Business Shares Thoughts on the Process & Motivation

26 Feb

We are excited to welcome Revolution Gym & Wellness to the Green Business Program! Revolution Gym & Wellness is a new neighborhood gym and wellness club in Watsonville. When Founder Logan Frahm, D.C. decided to bring his skills as a Chiropractic Doctor into a health club environment, he envisioned a high-energy, inspiring alternative to the  warehouse-style gyms across town. We chatted with Logan about his motivation to become certified and his experience having just gone through the process. Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you become a certified Green Business?  It just made sense from a business perspective with lowering operating costs, and at the same time helping to reduce our energy consumption footprint.  The resources available made it a really easy decision for us.

How did the process of getting certified go for you? The process was very thorough and increased our awareness so much. The process was lengthy, but you get a lot of support along the way.

What benefits do you anticipate now that you are a certified business? We anticipate reduced energy consumption and more customers biking to our facility.

What are some anticipated rewards of being a certified business? I think we will be rewarded by making our community aware that we care about the environment in which we live and being a leader in our community.

What advice would you give to other businesses to encourage them to get certified? I would say go to the website and go through the application process and utilize the programs available to businesses to become more energy efficient.  One of the biggest steps I would say is getting the energy efficient lighting completed.  As business people we are always trying to find ways to decrease operating costs and this step can cut your energy bill significantly and at the same time help the environment.  Theres are rebates that most businesses can qualify for to get this done.

Any other thoughts you want to share? I would say that the whole process from filling out the application and then speaking to a representative who comes out to your business and walks through your business  is really an educational experience and can only enhance your business and your status as a leader in the community.