Breweries Now Able To Get Certified

9 Apr

Green Business Coordinators from across the state toured Seismic Brewing Co.

Small-to-medium-sized breweries are opening at an astounding rate. These breweries provide a valuable service to their local communities (is there a more noble pursuit than making people happy?) and serve as centers of community engagement. Breweries also tend to have a significant environmental impact due to their solid waste production, water needs, and energy use.

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Green Business Innovation Across the State

3 Apr

If you appreciate ceramics, you’re likely already a fan of the Sausalito, California-based company, Heath Ceramics. From their early founding in 1948 by a husband and wife duo, Edith and Brian Heath, the company was all about innovation. Their early approach to kiln firings, saved energy and branded them as trail blazers in the industry. The company transitioned to another husband and wife duo in 2003, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, who saw the potential for a holistic business model but have stuck to the original ethos of making good things for good people.

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