Composting to Expand in Santa Cruz County

25 Jul

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Residents and businesses in Santa Cruz County are vivid recyclers, routinely recycling more than 70% of all the waste material collected in the County. Of the remaining waste, up to 40% is organic material, and the County is taking a number of steps to go after that, too. Under state law AB1826 businesses and schools are mandated to separate food waste.

The County has been working with local waste haulers to identify schools and businesses likely to be affected by this new requirement.

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Recycling Tips from the Material Recovery Facility

25 Jul

MRF2 Few things, once they are used, are actually waste material. Among such things are latex gloves, non-recyclable plastics, snack packaging and other complex materials that were not designed to be recycled. Jeremy Simmons, San Benito County’s Recycling & Resource Recovery Coordinator shares some first-hand tips for what can be recycled:

Plastic bags and film should be placed in a clear plastic bag. Loose bags can end up as contaminants in paper bales or jammed in the conveyer belt.

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PG&E Extends Solar to Everyone

25 Jul

PG&E extends solar to everyone with new Solar Choice program

solar panel on field Launched earlier this year, PG&E’s new Solar Choice program extends the option for 100 percent solar power to all residential and business customers who are not planning to install solar panels. For a modest charge, customers can purchase half or all of their electric power from solar energy locally sourced in Northern and Central California.

Approximately half of U.S.

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Q&A with Monterey Green Hotel the InterContinental

25 Jul

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Intercontinental, The Clement Monterey is a 208 room hotel in Monterey located at 750 Cannery Row that opened in the Spring of 2008 and has been a green business since 2009. From January to July of 2016, they have had 38,000 visitors, and diverted 44,500 pounds of compost, 36,500 lbs of mixed recyclables plus 13,500 lbs of cardboard. Due to their extensive commitment to environmental protection, we took a moment to chat with Richard Julian, the Purchasing Manager at the hotel, to discuss a bit about what being a Green Business (GB) means to them.

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