EcoVideo: Food Scrap Collection Program in Monterey

13 Apr

Check out this video which shows how several organizations in Monterey, California are working together to grow a food scrap recycling program for local businesses and restaurants.

Did you know that leftover, thrown-away food makes up over 20% of our landfill space. But this food is a resource, not a waste. As of March 2016 large producers of organic waste are now required to compost not landfill it. The waste is picked up by the waste hauler and taken to a facility that turns the food into compost and energy (methane) using state of the art technology.

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CoolClimate Business Calculator

12 Apr

When is the last time you calculated your business’s carbon footprint?

The first step to reducing your impact on the environment is fully understanding it. That’s where UC Berkeley’s CoolClimate Program comes into play. “CoolClimate tools quickly identify the unique opportunities each individual, business, organization or community holds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The CoolClimate Business Calculator takes into account the size of your business/organization, employee commutes, company fleets (if applicable), utility use, travel, and more!

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Event: Celebrate Earth Day

12 Apr

ED2016logoEarth Day Santa Cruz is happening this Saturday, April 16th from 11am – 4pm in San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz. Earth Day Santa Cruz is an annual event to raise environmental awareness; address concerns; showcase solutions; and present balanced modes of living for the wellbeing of each individual, the community, and the planet. Come enjoy this fun environmental celebration for the whole family!

On the first Earth Day in 1970, 22 million Americans celebrated clean air, land, and water.

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New Leaf Community Markets Renews Green

12 Apr

New Leaf Community Markets recently recertified all of their Santa Cruz County stores as Green Businesses. New Leaf is proud to be the first grocer in the county to be certified as a Green Business. They continue to push the envelope by finding additional ways to improve their operations and service to the community to make them even more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Santa Cruz County’s Green Business Certification Program  was designed to encourage businesses to meet and exceed environmental standards, while conserving natural resources.

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