Green Resources

Green Resources

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Recycling Tips from the Material Recovery Facility -

MRF2 Few things, once they are used, are actually waste material. Among such things are latex gloves, non-recyclable plastics, snack packaging and other complex materials that were not designed to be recycled. Jeremy Simmons, San Benito County’s Recycling & Resource Recovery Coordinator shares some first-hand tips for what can be recycled:

Plastic bags and film should be placed in a clear plastic bag. Loose bags can end up as contaminants in paper bales or jammed in the conveyer belt.

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EcoVideo: Food Scrap Collection Program in Monterey

Check out this video which shows how several organizations in Monterey, California are working together to grow a food scrap recycling program for local businesses and restaurants.

Did you know that leftover, thrown-away food makes up over 20% of our landfill space. But this food is a resource, not a waste. As of March 2016 large producers of organic waste are now required to compost not landfill it. The waste is picked up by the waste hauler and taken to a facility that turns the food into compost and energy (methane) using state of the art technology. This program diverts waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces reliance on landfills and produces a clean, green energy right here in our backyard.

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Business Bites

Save the date: Green Business Mixer September 2016 -

The next Santa Cruz City & County Green Business Mixer will be on Thursday October 27th, 5:30-7:30pm at Rosie McCann’s. Please mark your calendars.

Green Business Mixers are the spot to promote your business to potential clients, network to learn and share green business practices, and to connect with public agency staff.

Vector of Green Business

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