Green Resources

Green Resources

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Real Estate Free Renewable Energy for Business -

solarchoiceWhenever we talk to businesses about return on investment, the biggest bang for the buck is always renewable energy, usually in the form of solar panels. They pay for themselves and save significant money over their lifetime. They are also an emission free way to serve your energy needs, and a huge contribution to greenhouse gas reductions to prevent climate change.

But not everyone has real estate, or a south facing roof, or a roof at all.

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EcoVideo: Food Scrap Collection Program in Monterey

Check out this video which shows how several organizations in Monterey, California are working together to grow a food scrap recycling program for local businesses and restaurants.

Did you know that leftover, thrown-away food makes up over 20% of our landfill space. But this food is a resource, not a waste. As of March 2016 large producers of organic waste are now required to compost not landfill it. The waste is picked up by the waste hauler and taken to a facility that turns the food into compost and energy (methane) using state of the art technology. This program diverts waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces reliance on landfills and produces a clean, green energy right here in our backyard.

More on the Food Scrap Collection Program here.

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Business Bites

How to Promote Your Recognition -

Are you getting the most out of your green certification?

You’ve got your Green Business recognition. Now what? Use it to your advantage! Check out this video and info sheet for tips from recognized SF Green Businesses on how they promoted their recognition to grow the business and support their company’s image.
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